needlesmith: { one who skillfully plies the needle }

The Needlesmith brand covers a growing number of hand-crafted, high-quality, custom product lines. All products are designed and constructed by Cindy Hernandez.

Needlesmith offers unique additions to your closet with delightful padded covers for your less than delightful, standard size wire hangers.

With our Wire Hanger Covers, or hanger capes as they are sometimes called, the wire hangers that we ALL have hanging in our closets, become a useful item that are better for your clothes, instead of ending up in our landfills!

Seasonal clothes can hang in the closet for several months at a time, and special garments even longer. Did you ever take out that garment saved for a special occasion only to find dust lines on the shoulders? That doesn’t need to happen again if you protect the shoulders with Garment Shoulder Covers.

The Dollies’ Dressmaker specializes in period doll clothes for the American Girl doll. The goal of Cindy Hernandez, of The Dollies’ Dressmaker, is to hold true to the original Pleasant Company concept, which was to offer quality doll clothes for the historical American Girl dolls. Clothing is offered for Addy; Felicity and Elizabeth; Josefina; Julie and Ivy; Kirsten; Kit and Ruthie; Molly and Emily; Rebecca, Samantha and Nellie; as well as several items for the Girl of Today or other type of outfits.